Convert Nigerian Naira to other currencies


BAM Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark NGN to BAM 0.005
BGN Bulgarian Lev NGN to BGN 0.005
CHF Swiss Franc NGN to CHF 0.003
CZK Czech Koruna NGN to CZK 0.06
DKK Danish Krone NGN to DKK 0.02
EUR Euro NGN to EUR 0.002
GBP British Pound Sterling NGN to GBP 0.002
HRK Croatian Kuna NGN to HRK 0.02
HUF Hungarian Forint NGN to HUF 0.77
ISK Icelandic Krona NGN to ISK 0.3
MDL Moldovan Leu NGN to MDL 0.05
MKD Macedonian Denar NGN to MKD 0.15
NOK Norwegian Krone NGN to NOK 0.02
PLN Polish Zloty NGN to PLN 0.01
RON Romanian Leu NGN to RON 0.01
RSD Serbian Dinar NGN to RSD 0.28
RUB Russian Rouble NGN to RUB 0.17
SEK Swedish Krona NGN to SEK 0.02
TRY Turkish Lira NGN to TRY 0.01
UAH Ukraine Hryvnia NGN to UAH 0.07

North America

AWG Aruban Florin NGN to AWG 0.005
BBD Barbadian Dollar NGN to BBD 0.01
BMD Bermudian Dollar NGN to BMD 0.003
BSD Bahamian Dollar NGN to BSD 0.003
CAD Canadian Dollar NGN to CAD 0.004
DOP Dominican Peso NGN to DOP 0.14
GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal NGN to GTQ 0.02
JMD Jamaican Dollar NGN to JMD 0.36
MXN Mexican Peso NGN to MXN 0.06
PAB Panamanian Balboa NGN to PAB 0.003
USD United States Dollar NGN to USD 0
XCD East Caribbean Dollar NGN to XCD 0.01


BDT Bangladeshi Taka NGN to BDT 0.23
CNY Chinese Yuan NGN to CNY 0.02
HKD Hong Kong Dollar NGN to HKD 0.02
IDR Indonesian Rupiah NGN to IDR 39.06
INR Indian Rupee NGN to INR 0.19
JPY Japanese Yen NGN to JPY 0.31
KHR Cambodian Riel NGN to KHR 11.26
KRW South Korean Won NGN to KRW 3.08
LAK Lao Kip NGN to LAK 23.35
LKR Sri Lankan Rupee NGN to LKR 0.44
MVR Maldivian Rufiyaa NGN to MVR 0.04
MYR Malaysian Ringgit NGN to MYR 0.01
NPR Nepalese Rupee NGN to NPR 0.3
PHP Philippine Peso NGN to PHP 0.15
PKR Pakistani Rupee NGN to PKR 0.34
SGD Singapore Dollar NGN to SGD 0.004
THB Thai Baht NGN to THB 0.09
TWD Taiwanese Dollar NGN to TWD 0.08
VND Vietnamese Dong NGN to VND 63.5


AUD Australian Dollar NGN to AUD 0.004
FJD Fijian Dollar NGN to FJD 0.01
NZD New Zealand Dollar NGN to NZD 0.004
XPF CFP Franc NGN to XPF 0.28

South America

ARS Argentine Peso NGN to ARS 0.07
BOB Bolivian Boliviano NGN to BOB 0.02
BRL Brazilian Real NGN to BRL 0.01
CLP Chilean Peso NGN to CLP 1.77
COP Colombian Peso NGN to COP 8.09
PEN Peruvian Sol NGN to PEN 0.01
PYG Paraguayan Guaraní NGN to PYG 15.73
UYU Uruguayan Peso NGN to UYU 0.09
VEF Venezuelan Bolívar NGN to VEF 221.64


EGP Egyptian Pound NGN to EGP 0.05
GHS Ghana Cedi NGN to GHS 0.01
GMD Gambian Dalasi NGN to GMD 0.13
KES Kenyan Shilling NGN to KES 0.28
MAD Moroccan Dirham NGN to MAD 0.03
MGA Malagasy Ariary NGN to MGA 9.23
MUR Mauritian Rupee NGN to MUR 0.1
NAD Namibian Dollar NGN to NAD 0.04
SCR Seychellois Rupee NGN to SCR 0.04
TND Tunisian Dinar NGN to TND 0.01
UGX Ugandan Shilling NGN to UGX 10.72
XAF Central African Franc NGN to XAF 1.56
XOF West African Franc NGN to XOF 1.56
ZAR South African Rand NGN to ZAR 0.04

Middle East

AED United Arab Emirates Dirham NGN to AED 0.01
BHD Bahraini Dinar NGN to BHD 0.001
ILS Israeli Sheqel NGN to ILS 0.01
IRR Iranian Rial NGN to IRR 117.85
JOD Jordanian Dinar NGN to JOD 0.002
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar NGN to KWD 0.001
LBP Lebanese Pound NGN to LBP 4.18
OMR Omani Rial NGN to OMR 0.001
QAR Qatari Riyal NGN to QAR 0.01
SAR Saudi Riyal NGN to SAR 0.01
SYP Syrian Pound NGN to SYP 1.43

Other values